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Solemn High Mass Set, White/Red/Gold

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Price: $5,500.00
Availability: made to order
Prod. Code: SolemnWR

This complete Solemn High Mass set of vestments comprises the five piece main Vestment set, in the Roman style; the Dalmatic with Deacon's Stole and Maniple; the Tunic with Sub-Deacon's Maniple; the Humeral Veil, and the Cope with matching Stole. For a Solemn Set with Gothic Chasuble, please add approximately $US200, to cover the cost of the banding required and the additional fabric required.

Crafted from a stunning, pure white satin brocade featuring the Chi Rho symbol, and griffins, this set is extensively trimmed in 1", 1/2" and 3" trims. Future Dalmatics and Tunics will be made longer. The back of the Chasuble, Cope and Humeral Veil each bear a beautiful Swiss silk emlbem of the Agnus Dei. Other Emblems can be suggested. Each emblem is padded for a 3d effect, and is worked onto a red satin background, which matches the red satin lining of the entire set. A solemn set of vestments is an exhausting labor of love to produce. The Dalmatic, for example, is passed no less than 30 separate times through the sewing machine. Greek Crosses have been used throughout. An upgrade to bullion fringing is available. The cope hood can be rounded, or gothic in shape, and can also be fringed if requested. The cope hood shown in the photo still needs an ornate tassle.

Please go to page two to view the Cope (go back to Solemn Sets products page and select the Copes link).

Solemns sets can also be provided in all the other Liturgical colours. White/blue or White/green can be made on request. Book early!!