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Susan M Evans
ABN: 60775518206

offer fine traditional Catholic Vestments and related goods.  The links on the left will take you to a vast gallery of designs.  

OFFICE HOURS: 9-5 Mon-Sat.  Your email inquiries are welcome, but please be aware that you may not get an immediate response, especially over weekends.        


Time after Pentecost 2023




BELOW: Marian semi-Gothic Vestments with matching Dalmatic, completed in June, 2023.





White/gold fabric with rich green/gold accents.


$US690 + Express shipping $US65


















BELOW:  Dalmatics completed recently as part of vestments in honour of the great Saint Joseph.















BELOW:  Immaculate Heart of Mary Roman vestment set completed February, 2023.    This design is based on a previous one, showing the current fabric choices.  Please email for updated price!  Thank you.


BELOW:  Our Lady of Guadalupe Roman Vestment set.  This design replaces the previous one listed on this site.  I can also sew custom vestments according to your budget!  Contact me for pricing and options.












      Pope Benedict XVI - Requiescat in Pace!

May the soul of Pope Benedict XVI rest in peace.  I have the honour of having this Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church, wear one of my Chasubles and also the matching Cope as shown in the photo below.
















ABOVE: Roman Vestment Set available also as Requiem Vestments in Black/Silver $US1990, plus shipping $US75
















NOVEMBER, 2022 - Month of the Holy Souls.  NEW design in ivory shade pure silk fabric, with red/gold theme.  Embroidered IHS on back of the Roman Chasuble.  This set has gone to Utrecht, Netherlands, to hopefully serve many years as a first class, beautiful set of Vestments.  Please inquire for current price or other options using more standard fabric and trims.









OCTOBER, 2022 - Month of the Holy Rosary - $US790:  Priced for quick sale - 1 ONLY, quality Gothic Cope.  Beautifully embroidered and  fully lined, with outstanding workmanship.  Excess stock, must be sold.  Half price SHIPPING just $US30. 


SOLD! Marian Vestment Set Special for June!  Priced to Sell Quickly:  $US890, plus shipping $US65 for International Express.

I have available for immediate purchase and shipment within 36 hours, a beautiful Roman Vestment in honour of Our Lady of Lourdes, in white.  


This set uses available fabrics and trims I have inhouse, and the pure silk blue lining is the last available.  Unless I hand dye silk in this shade for future sets, it is not replicable.  However, there would be the option of starched cotton lining in the same shade.













A glance back at work completed in June, 2016:


31st May, 2022 - NEW!  $US399

1 only simple Processional Canopy in stock available for immediate shipping. 

Light weight and perfect also for pilgrimages or similar.


Express International Shipping: $US55 







ANNOUNCEMENT!  2023 is approaching fast!

Next year, 2023, will be the 25th Anniversary of this business venture. 

I started in 1998 with $54 worth of linen and an inspiration to just 'sew Mass Linens'.  I have decided that 2023 will be a 'Celtic Vestment Year' focussed on creating uniquely meaningful Celtic themed vestments  and related Sacristy as far as possible.  




Ascension Thursday, May 26th, 2022:  CLOTH OF GOLD Roman Vestment Set with Celtic Theme

BELOW:  This beautiful vestment was a restoration project from 2013.  I can sew a replica, using the same cloth of Gold and machine embroidered version of the Celtic Cross.  Please contact me to discuss such a project! The design can be adapted to a simpler version (i.e. less extensive embroidery) to suit a range of budgets.






















NEW FOR 2022 ASCENSION TIDE:  $US1995 - Roman Vestment design with Crucifixion Scene embroideries. Available in gold/gold or Requiem Black/Silver.












3rd MAY 2022 - Roman Italian style vestment set in rich cream British fabric with blue/gold geometric pattern galloon.  Please email for current quote.





















BELOW - Our Lady of Guadalupe Roman Vestment using Ely and Evesham British fabrics.  Contact me for the current price.  Thank you!
















AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE PURCHASE $US790:  Semi-Gothic set of vestments in white with unique emblem of SAINT JOSEPH