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Solemn High Mass > Solemn High Mass Vestments in Green with bullion embroideries
Solemn High Mass Vestments in Green with bullion embroideries

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Price: $7,500.00

This Solemn High Mass set is made from Russian fabric. The pattern on the fabric may vary, but that shown is the 'Bethlehem' Church Fabric.  If the price is too high for your parish, I can work out a quote for a simpler Solemn Set, but still with the Russian fabric.  This fabric is of a very good quality, and requires little to create vestments worthy of Our Lord.

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Same design available in other Liturgical colours: white, white/gold, purple, purple/gold, etc.  See the drop down options.


The Set comprises all pieces:



Stole / Maniple / Burse / Chalice Veil

Deacon's Dalmatic / Deacon's Stole & Maniple

Sub-Deacon's Tunic & Maniple


Humeral Veil

Wide bullion trimming has been teamed with a narrower gold trimming.

The entire set is lined in pure 100% silk.

Unique 'Two Hearts' bullion embroidered emblems are applied to the back of the Chasuble, the Cope Hood and the Humeral Veil.  NOTE*   The photo of the Chasuble back shows a simple Sacred Heart bullion, not the Two Hearts.  You can have the ornate Sacred Heart bullion embroidery if you wish.  It would also be possible to locate an antique embroidery for you that could be re-used on your Solemn Vestments.  Please note: future 'Two Heart' Emblems will have white roses, and a white lilly.

If you have any questions, please email:  susanevans1 AT aapt DOT net DOT au


Shipping would come to about $US140 for Express Courier International shipping.  This is a very quick and fully trackable service.