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Altar Covers > Vesper Cloth, red
Vesper Cloth, red

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Price: $299.00
Availability: made to order
Prod. Code: Cover1

This is a stunning Vesper Cloth (the correct name for an Altar Cover), made from a deep red, fine pinwhale cord fabric.

The width and length of the Cloth is fully customisable. The one in this photo measures 3 yards in length by 34 inches in width. Price may vary for longer Covers.

The text has been worked in an antique font, one of seven different Gothic style fonts available. There are also numerous other fonts to choose from. The 'A' and the 'D' in the script you see here measure 5 inches in height. The entire phrase 'Agnus Dei' measures 18 inches across. The text can be reduced in size if requested.

The Cloth is fully lined, and is fringed in rayon bullion fringing along the front and on either end.

Covers are avaiable in blue, green and gold, or any requested colour / pattern. Altar Covers made from more expensive fabric (i.e. real metal weaves) will cost more. At this time, I am not using velvet, as the hoop marks/crushes this fabric during the embroidery process. Suggestions for text would be:

'Ave Maria'
'Spes nostra'
O Salutaris Hostia' - (extra $20 for this inscription)
'Christus Vincit'
'Ecce Panis Angelorum' (extra $20 for this inscription)
'Mary Our Mother'(extra $10 for this inscription)
'Mater Dei'
'Sancte Joseph'
'Pax Tecum Filumena'(extra $15 for this inscription)

****The price for the embroidery increases slightly for additional letters.