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Processional Canopies > Eucharist Canopy 2022 simple design
Eucharist Canopy 2022 simple design

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Here is a lovely, lightweight Eucharistic Processional Canopy.  I have sewn this canopy using fabric and trimming in stock and it is very reasonably priced for quick sale.

The Canopy roof measures 51" wide x 55" length approximately.

The four simple, single fabric layer side panels are 12" deep and trimmed as shown.  Some slight puckering has occurred due to the fabric not having any interlining or lining.  However, this is still a very nice canopy and would be perfect for pilgrimages or similar, as it would be very easy to pack.

An embroidered IHS emblem is on the front of the canopy.  It is 7 3/4" in height and embroidered on a pure silk background fabric.

Red/Gold trimming found on the side panels as shown.

The Canopy roof is sewn from a quality red jacquard fabric.

Strong loops on the four corners with additional tie tapes to secure the canopy to the poles.