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Processional Canopies > Marian Processional Canopy with Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Emblem
Marian Processional Canopy with Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Emblem

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This Marian Processional Canopy design is proposed in a lovely blue/pale gold jacquard with pure silk linings of the side panels.

This page gives you the design OUTLINE, I've not yet sewn the complete canopy.  I hope that the photos showing the combination of fabric, trim, 3" banding and Cross gives you a good idea of what one of these would look like.  The photos simply show the canopy side panel with the narrow trim, the 3" banding, fringing and a Cross laid out on the fabric.  The last photo shows the gold and ivory jacquards as well as the blue.

The photos show the fabric ornamented with the 3" banding, and also without the banding.  The cost of the canopy would reduce if you did not have the 3" banding.

My studio can work with practically any budget   On average, you could expect to pay around $US600 - $US850 for a very nice Marian Canopy, depending on the degree of ornamentation, and whether there is to be any embroidered text on the canopy.  There would also be the option of upgrading to the first class real metal fabrics, similar to the ornate canopy listing that is in white/gold, and to also use bullion fringing, and a higher quality 1" trim, etc.

This design proposed the following:

Canopy Roof: crafted from ivory or gold matching jacquard.  The canopy would measure a definate 58" across the width at front, and can be made to measure 58", or 2 yards, or 2.5 yards in LENGTH.

The canopy is trimmed in GOLD 1" imported metallic trim.

There can be 3" gold/gold banding applied just above the 1" trim along the base of the side panels.

The SIDE PANELS measure approximately 15" deep, which is very generous.  The panels are cut in accordance with pattern repeat in the fabric. 

Fringing can be applied along the base of the side panels.

There will be an embroidered EMBLEM of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel applied to the centre of the front panel, flanked by hand embroidered (gold bullion thread) ROSES, and if there is room left on edge end of the front panel, there will also be Crosses.  The three remaining side panels will be ornamented with three gold metallic Crosses per panel.  I have yet to import the Emblem, and hopefully by end of April, 2007, it will have arrived.  Please check back on the progress of this Canopy design. 

Another possibility is to have long cords with tassles on the ends looped through purpose sewn loops on each Canopy corner.  You often see the old Catholic banners adorned with these cords and tassles.  The same idea could be applied to a canopy.

Each Side Panel will be fully lined in PURE SILK of an ivory shade or in Gold. 

THE INSIDE OF THE CANOPY will be completely finished in 1/2" imported metallic trim, meaning that the seam where the roof joins the side panels will be covered by the trim, creating a very professional look.

METAL EYELETS will be applied to the Canopy corners, for the poles. 

SHIPPING:  You could expect to pay from $US35 to $US55 for this canopy, depending on the it's final size and the weight of the ornamentation.

The designs that could be created with Marian canopies are almost limitless.  I can work with your traditional ideas to help you bring your project to life!

Please email me if you have any questions:  susan@susanmaria.com