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Bullion Embroidered Cross Gold/white

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Lovely 4" hand embroidered bullion Crosses in varying shades.    The goal is to provide custom Crosses to suit practically every Liturigical theme.     If you would like to order any of these, please try to order more than 1.  If the item is not in stock you may need to wait while the Crosses are made for you.

1.  BLUE Cross:  Gold foundation with blue Cross arm highlights and deeper blue inner bud, and bullion centre.

2.  WHITE Cross:  Gold foundation with white Cross arm highlight and CREAM inner bud, with bullion centre.

NOTE:  The Crosses shown in these photos were placed onto a Roman Chasuble for the photos.  I will try to upload closer images of the last three Crosses as soon as possible.


3.  Red Cross  - Gold foundation with Red Cross arm highlight and GOLD bullion thread inner bud and centre.


4.  Specifically for Our Lady of Perpetual Help vesments:  Blue/red Cross - gold bullion foundation, blue Cross arm highlight and deep red inner bud and bullion centre.  This Cross is very, VERY effective and I hope to be producing some wonderful Marian sets soon.

5. Green Cross -  Solemn and dignified:  Gold bullion foundation with green Cross arm highlight and bullion thread bud and centre.