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9" Bullion Embroidered Frames

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This is a great idea!

Use these beautiful, bullion embroidered 'frames' to enhances your Sacristy sewing.   The gold foundation has been left, in case you need it.

**NOTE:  The image of the Chasuble shows how these can be used **


Choose your image and cut to exact inner size of the frame.  Stitch down the image (printed on durable paper, then place clear plastic over the top and stitch this down also.  Trim the inner edges with narrow, tasteful trimming of your choice.  Then stitch the entire custom emblem you have created to your project.


Use image of you choice: whether an old embroidery you are re-using, or a paper print, or image that has been transferred to fabric.   Cut the inner background of the Frame out, so that you can put your hand through the Frame.  Superimpose the Frame over your image, and stitch down, applying final trimming around the inner edges to finish.

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