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Pastoral Stoles > Collection of Italian Pastoral Stoles
Collection of Italian Pastoral Stoles

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Here is a collection of beautiful Pastoral Stoles.    They are all on the one photo for now, as I don't have time to list them separately.  Please email me if you would like to see a larger image.  The prices are on this photo.  Unfortunately, it is very difficult to read the prices.  However, you can see that there are eight very nice stoles to chose from.    I really think you need to see the original image in order to make a decision.


** You can view a larger version of the photo below here: http://img.auctiva.com/imgdata/1/2/0/7/7/4/7/webimg/254654101_o.jpg





*              Select the Stoles or Stoles that you are interested in, then

*             Email me susanevans1 at AAPT DOT NET DOT AU

*             I can send you further information, and also the delivery time and cost of shipping.


These Stoles are really beautiful and well worth the money.  You are buying direct from Italy, and the prices are cheaper than if you purchase them in Rome yourself.


I HAVE 3 OR 4 OTHER PASTORAL STOLE DESIGNS AVAILABLE, from another Italian supplier.   These will be uploaded as soon as possible.