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Ombrellino Design 2

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Price: $2,000.00
Availability: direct from Italy - allow time
Prod. Code: OmbEMB2

Tastefully embroidered, quality italian Ombrellino


Custom emblem of parish Crest, for Example, or Episcopal Coast of Arms, can be added for extra charge.

Shipping:  $US100 for Express Shipping direct from Italy to USA.

Two kinds of canopy are employed in processionsof the Blessed Sacrament. One of small dimensions and shaped like an umbrella--except that it is flat and not conical is called an ombrellino. It is provided with a long staffby which it is held. The other, called a baldacchino, is of more elaborate structure and consists, in main outline, of a rectangular frame-work of richcloth, supported by four, six, or eight staves by which it is carried. In both cases the covering consists of cloth of gold, or silk of white color. The ombrellino is used for carrying the Blessed Sacrament to the sick and for conveying it from the altarto the baldacchino. The latter is used for all public processions, when it is borne by nobles of the highest rank, the more worthy holding the foremost staves. It is forbidden to carry relies of the saints under the baldacchino, but this honour may be given to those of the SacredPassion(Cong. of Rites, May, 1826).