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Roman Saint Joseph Fiddleback

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Orig. Price: $1,290.00
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This specific vestment set is no longer available.  It sold in mid-2020.

The gold silk fabric is no longer available, but I hope to find a similar fabric for future orders.    A lot of interest has been shown in this lovely design, using gold, green and red to honour the great Saint Joseph!  Please contact me if you would like to add your name to a list of customers interested in purchasing this design.  I would like to track down a really nice gold pure silk, import all the balance materials required, and then offer this design at a special price if several customers were willing to buy it at the same time.  Thank you!



Here is a Roman Fiddleback Vestment set in honour of the Great St. Joseph!  Crafted from pure 100% silk jacquard fabric in a gold/gold shade, with the Cross and front of the Chasuble panels created from Russian fabric in green/gold.  I have created this using fabrics and trims I had in stock.  The gold silk jacquard fabric came from a high end fashion supplier, with the other elements sourced from countries as stated.  I am offering this vestment set at a discount price for a quick sale!  The price for me to source all the materials from scratch would be significant higher.  This is a high quality set of Fiddleback vestments.  The fabric is beautiful and quite lightweight, but with sufficient weight to sit nicely.   The Chasuble features a custom emblem in honor of St. Joseph.  Trimming in red/gold French galloon as shown, with some narrow red/gold British trim in addition.


The vestment set is fully lined in pure silk taffeta in a rich cream shade.



The Chasuble is a generous 42" in length at the back, measured from the curve of the neckline at back.  The width across the shoulders is approximately 26.5".


The Stole is 43' IN length from the V at the neckline, and 7.5" wide at the stole base.  Beautiful Crosses adorn the Stole ends.

The Maniple is 20" in length and 6.5" wide at the base.



The Chalice Veil is 19.5" square.  This is slightly smaller than I usually make them, but it is still a nice size.


BURSE:  The Burse is approx. 8.5" square.



Thank you for visiting this page!  May St. Joseph, foster father of Our Lord, bless you!