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Vestments: Roman and Gothic > Roman Immaculate Mary Vestment Set
Roman Immaculate Mary Vestment Set
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Orig. Price: $1,850.00
Sale Price: $890.00
Availability: SOLD please contact for additional sets
Prod. Code: Immaculata2021

  *SOLD! * Update 3rd August, 2021: This item was sold very quickly after being listed and is no longer available.  If you would like a similar set, please contact me: sales at susanmaria.com


Here is a beautiful Roman Vestment set in honour of Our Blessed Mother - Mary Immaculate.



Sumens illud ave!

Gabrielis ore

Funda nos in pace

mutans Hevae nomen.


Solve vincla reis

Profer lumen caecis

Mala nostra pelle

Bona cuncta posce...





Sewn from an imported Italian fabric with rich gold tones and floral accents, all five pieces are included:  Roman Chasuble, Stole, Maniple, Burse and Chalice Veil. 

I have sewn this set recently, using materials I already have on hand, and the set is priced for quick sale.  To do this from scratch, i.e. import the fabric, etc, the price would be substantially higher.  The set is extensively trimmed in British blue/gold Quatrafoil 3/4" trimming and also features 3" Saint Dominic banding.  The four accessories all have lovely embroidered gold over white 4" Crosses applied as shown.  The Stole and Maniple ends are a little narrow at six inches width at base, but this was to not waste the fabric.  I have enough fabric left to sew one more set at this time (at 31st July, 2021).  The lining is a simple, quality Marian blue shade satin, with the Burse being lined in pure silk.



The stunning Chasuble measures 40" from the base of the neckline at the back, and is 26 inches wide across the shoulders.  


I have created a simple 9" Emblem for the back of the Roman Chasuble, as shown.  


The Stole measures 44 inches from the inside 'V' at neckline, and is six inches wide at the base.  Fringed in quality gold fringing and trimmed as shown.



The classic shape Maniple measures 19" in total length and is six inches wide at the base.  Fringed in quality gold fringing and trimmed as shown.



The Burse is 8.5" x 8.5", with link closure on the sides created from the blue/gold Quatrafoil trimming and overall trimming as shown.



The Chalice Veil measures approximately 19.5 inches square.


This Marian set has wonderful, rich tones and an ambiance that speaks to the soul of Our Lady.   Quite by chance, I was listening to a version of the Ave Maria while I was photographing the set for this listing.  It was very inspiring! These vestments should last for years if properly cared for.