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Vestments: Roman and Gothic > Roman Vestment Set SAINT JOSEPH 2021
Roman Vestment Set SAINT JOSEPH 2021

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Price: $1,290.00
Availability: Custom Sewn to Order
Prod. Code: SaintJosephSTANDARD

This classic design Roman Vestment set in honour of the great Saint Joseph is the standard design offered, replacing the original silk fabric design from early 2020.


Sewn from beautiful gold/gold fabric, lined in pure silk, and trimmed in red/gold galloon.  The wider red/gold trimming is from France, whilst the narrow Quatrafoil is sourced from the UK.  All five pieces included:  Chasuble, Stole, Maniple, Chalice Veil and Burse.  Embroidered Crosses on Stole and Maniple ends, and also on the Chalice Veil.

The French Cross and front panel on the Chasuble is formed with Russian green/gold fabric.  The pattern may vary slightly, according to availability, but the concept will be retained.

A unique emblem of Saint Joseph with the Child Jesus is applied to the back of the Chasuble.


Sizing can be custom width and length, just send me an email.


The Stole and Maniple are fringed in quality fringing.


A high quality narrow gold trimming is stitched around the edges of the Chasuble to reduce wear and tear.  Please note* the next shipment of this trimming arrives in January, 2022.  I have pre-ordered a quantity of it, due to the national supplier having 'run out' until then.