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Basic Roman Vestment Design

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They're back at last!

For quite some time, we have not been making the basic standard Roman vestment sets, even though a couple of older listings still remain on this website. 

These are made here in my Studio, and I actually think that the accessories I provide and even the detail on the Chasuble is superior to the BasicRoman2 range from Europe.  However, for these sets you need to 'join the queue' and wait for them to be made, whereas the Europeean Roman sets are available for faster delivery.  Perhaps you might like to order some of those and some of these??

 The new design as described on this page is for a complete five piece Roman Vestment set.  This design is new and improved in pattern style and strict attention to detail. 


The traditional chasuble measures 26" across the shoulders at back, or you can specify the required width.   It is 42" inches approximately from the base of the neck curve at back to the hemline.   These sets are made to order and we will make every effort to find the most striking lining available.  You can see from the photos how the burgundy lining compliments the white/gold fabric.   

The set is simple and dignified, with 3" imported Pugin banding in burgundy / grey / gold shades used to form the Cross on the back of the Chasuble and for the front panel.  Gold metallic 1" trim is also used to edge the Cross and front panel.

The back of the Chasuble features an in-house embroidered 'I.H.S' emblem worked in burgundy thread on matching gold/white fabric.


The Stole measures 43.5 inches from the 'v'.  It is trimmed in 3" Pugin banding and fringed in burgundy rayon fringing.


The Maniple measures 17" approx, is 4" wide and is trimmed in 3" Pugin banding and burgundy rayon fringing.

Chalice Veil and Burse

The Chalice Veil also is trimmed in 3" Pugin banding, as the photos show. 

The Burse is 9" square, and is trimmed with 1" metallic gold trimming and also 3" banding.



Please note that we cannot always procure exactly the same fabric designs as photos might show.   There are many liturgical fabrics available in this price range, and we can send you photos before you purchase.  The vestments are made to very high standards and will last for decades.


SHIPPING: $US28 per set.