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Vestments: Roman and Gothic > Roman Vestments in White/Gold with Nativity Emblem DESIGN2
Roman Vestments in White/Gold with Nativity Emblem DESIGN2

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Here is a wonderful Nativity themed Roman design made from a very nice white Church fabric and lined entirely in pure silk, ready for you to add to your sacristy's inventory.   





These vestments should see years of worthy service in your parish. If you have any questions, please ask.  Have a GOOD LOOK at the photos - there are additional photos by clicking on the 'view product image' link at the top of this page (under the small picture at the top of the page).  

 The edge 3/4" trimming is a quality rayon, in blue/gold featuring a Quatrafoil pattern.  This is a dream trim to stitch down, and it looks great.   Great care has been taken in the actually stitching and construction of this set. 


Not everyone that says they can sew, is able to make a professional grade set of Roman Vestments.  This is true value for money!

This auction is for the complete five pieces: Chasuble, Stole, Maniple, Burse and Chalice Veil.


The chasuble is approximately 27" across the shoulders at back, and is a very generous length from the base of the neckline at back - about 41" in length.   This Chasuble has a very European 'drape' to it - it has a quality sew-in interlining inside, which gives the front and back stability, but at the same time allows for draping in order to avoid that 'suit of armour' look.

The chasuble features very nice blue/gold 3" British banding, which has a Cross in the pattern.   A unique NATIVITY EMBLEM has been applied to the centre of the Cross on the back of the chasuble.    



  The entire set is lined in an 'Ice Blue' shade of pure 100% silk - but also can be lined in stronger shades, gold or ivory.   I offer the silk at trade cost to you, as well as the trimmings and fabric.    When you handle this chasuble, you can sense the quality of the silk.  It is a world of difference to flimsy, cheap grade satin.  Silk is a natural fibre and in fact the Church requires that vestments be made from silk, but in this day and age, this is not always possible.  The other, patterned fabric is a church fabric, whilst the silk component is found here in the lining.




The Stole measures 41" from the 'v' and it is approximately 4" wide.   Both the Stole and Maniple feature matching 3" blue/gold banding.  A 4" Greek Cross is found at the 'v' of the Stole.  Antique gold shade rayon fringing has been applied.



The Maniple measures approximately 4" wide by 18" in length.  Both the Stole and Maniple ends are adorned with the 3" banding.


The Burse is the traditional nine inch square size.  As the photos show, it is trimmed in the 3/4" gold Quatrafoil trimming and has 3" blue/gold banding on the front.  The burse has link closure, made from the 3/4" trimming.  It is very important to have some sort of closure on the Burses, as they will slide completely flat if left to stand up on their own without it.


The Chalice Veil measures 21" wide x  21.5 inch deep.   It has been edged in 3/4" blue/gold trimming, and also has the 3" blue/gold banding on the front.



Your Sacristy should not be struggled with worn out old sets of vestments that have long served their purpose.   Witness the lavish expenses paid out for weddings, yet for the House of the Lord, the Tabernacle of God with men, it is sometimes difficult to motivate people to invest in the Sacristy. 





Very nice to give as a gift to a parish priest or to a sacristan.

Thank you for visiting this page and God bless you.


Nunc Dimitis servum Tuum Domine

Secundum verbum Tuum in pace

Quia viderunt occuli mei

Salutare Tuum

Quod parasti

ante faciem omnium populorum.

Lumen ad revelationonem gentium; et gloriam plebis tuae Israel.

Gloria Patri et Filio et Spriitui Sancto.

Sicut erat in principio et nunc et semper

Et in saecula saeculorum.  AMEN