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Roman Vestments in Honour of St. Joseph

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Here is a very nice Roman set of vestments, made from imported British 'St. Benedict' fabric in an ivory shade.  The set includes all five pieces required for the Tridentine Latin Mass: Chasuble, Stole, Maniple, Burse and Chalice Veil.

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The Chasuble measures 26 inches across the shoulders at back (a good standard width) and the length is approximately 41" measured from the curve of the neckline.

The entire set is lined in pure 100% silk, in a strong gold shade.   3" Pugin banding in green/gold has been used to create the Cross on the back of the Chasuble and also for the front panel.  High quality rayon 3/4" trimming with a Quatrafoil pattern in the design, has been used to extensively trim the whole set.


The Maniple measures a generous 21" in length, which includes the attractive gold bullion fringing.  The maniple is angled, being 3.5 inches at the top and 5 1/2 inches at the base.  3" green/gold Pugin banding has been used at both the Stole and Maniple ends.  A Cross, made from the 3/4" rayon Quatrafoil trimming is found at the top of the Maniple, as the rubrics require.

The STOLE is 42 inches in length, measured from the 'v' at the neckline, so this is a generous length, and would be very suitable for taller clerics, or those who might be somewhat more portly.  The Stole measures 4 3/4 inches in width at the neck and six inches at the base.  The 3" green/gold banding has been used, the stole is fully trimmed with the Quatrafoil 3/4" trimming, and gold bullion fringing has been applied to the Stole ends.



The burse measures the traditional 9 inches square and it is trimmed as the photos show.




The Chalice Veil measures 19" wide and approximately 21 inches deep.  The difference in veil size occurs due to the pattern in the fabrics.

The front of the Chalice Veil is trimmed in the 3" green/gold banding, the edges are trimmed in 3/4" gold Quatrafoil galloon and the Veil is lined in the pure silk, to match the rest of the set.

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