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Vestments: Roman and Gothic > Roman Vestments in white/gold metallic fabric, unique bullion Crosses, British trimmings, pure silk lining, emblem can be changed.
Roman Vestments in white/gold metallic fabric, unique bullion Crosses, British trimmings, pure silk lining, emblem can be changed.

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This is a truly gorgeous Roman Vestment Design.

Beautiful Roman vestment design in white/gold metallic fabric.

** Click on the 'view product images' link at the top of this page to see larger photos.  ** Take a moment to reflrect on the inspiring Nativity Emblem. 

Crafted from a striking white/gold metallic fabric, the entire set of five pieces(Chasuble, Stole, Maniple, Chalice Veil and Burse) is lined in 100% pure silk.  The lining shade can be changed on request.  You can chose from gold, Marian blue, cream, or even other shades if you wish to change the emblem that has other colours in it.  This is a versatile design.  If you wanted a St. Joseph emblem, for example, the lining would look wonderful in a green.  The two major colours used for the balance of the set are white and gold.  The bullion Crosses can be changed to suit the theme requirements.  These Cross are custom made for my Studio; this is one way I can keep the costts down, as I offer you the Cross at 50% less than you would pay in New York, and in that case you would not get fully customized colours like this.

The set is extensively  trimmed in British gold/gold 3" banding and about the best rayon 3/4" trimming you can get!   This narrow trimming stitches down beautifully, and looks very professional.  I am phasing out the cheaper, metallic gallons and will exclusively use these rayons trims.  The 3/4" trimming is available in other colours as well: red/gold, green/gold, etc.  But for the purpose of this design, this listing focuses on gold/gold trimmings.


The Chasuble width across the shoulders can be made to suit (see options below).

The length of the chasuble is usually about 42" from the base of the curve at the neckline.  This is a good length, and I feel it is more proportionate than the shorter Chasubles of yesteryear, which may only have been 38".


This design features a lovely antique replica Nativity emblem.  The emblems measures approximately 8.5 inches in height, and it is hand beaded as shown. 


The stole and maniple have angled ends as shown.  Custom bullion Crosses are applied to the Stole ends and the 'v' of the stole and centre of the Maniple.  Rayon fringing is used, but you can upgrade to bullion fringing on request.


The Burse is the traditional 9" square design.  It features the 4' bullion Cross and is lined in matching pure silk.  Links formed from the 3/4" trimming provide the closure for the burse.


The Chalice Veil measures approximately 23" square.  Sometimes the Veils are slightly  longer than they are wide.  This is due to my having to use the fabric frugally.   If you insist on a perfectly square Chalice Veil, please let me know.


SHIPPING:  Shipping would be $US45 for Express Courier International, which is a very fast and fully trackable airmail service.  Delivery takes about 4 to 5 days between Australia and the USA.