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Funeral Palls > Franz Jozef First Class Funeral Pall in Black or Purple
Franz Jozef First Class Funeral Pall in Black or Purple

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Price: $1,745.00
Availability: made to order - can take up to 10 - 12 months

This Pall is similar in look to the Empress Zita Funeral Pall, but has embellishments of a higher quality.

The Pall is a large size, measuring 3.5 yards by approximately 2.5 to 2.8 yards wide.

There is a central Cross on this Pall, formed by 3" black/silver Maltese Cross banding.  An extensive amount of 1 1/4" silver 'Oak Leaf' European galloon has been used on the Pall - to edges the cross and also the entire outer edges of the Pall.  In total there are about 27 yards of this galloon on the Pall!

The Funeral Pall has an in-house designed, digitized and embroidered 'I.H.S' emblem, worked on a background of black velveteen fabric, in white embroidery thread.  There is trim edging the Emblem.

Fully lined in black satin, the Pall is fringed in top quality ruche fringing.  In the photo, the thread that runs on the edge of the new fringing, in order to keep it neat and tidy until it is delivered to the customer, is still in place.  Once the Pall has arrived, this row of thread can easily be taken out and the ruche fringing is seen in all it's glory.

The photos were taken with the Pall on a table, so when used on a funeral casket the Pall will not drape so much on the floor. 

If you have any questions, please email me: susan@susanmaria.com


SHIPPING:  This is a HEAVY item!  Calculate up to $US80 for shipping via airmail from Australia to the USA.