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Susan M Evans
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Pure Linen Albs > Pure Linen Alb with Lace insets
Pure Linen Alb with Lace insets

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Price: $640.00
Availability: custom sewn to order
Prod. Code: AlbDoubleLace

This is a pure linen alb that has 8 inch pure cotton liturgical lace attached to the hem, and also a 4 inch lace set into the linen, just above the lower lace attachment. This provides a visual lace depth of approximately 16 to 18 inches. This is a beautiful alb.


(a) I can make the alb to simply have the 8 inch lace attachment, in which the cost for the lace alb is $US375.

(B) 12" wide pure cotton lace is also an option, in which case the alb price is $US399. This price is just for the 12 inch lace addition, it does not include an further lace set into the alb above it, nor any lace applied to the cuffs of the alb.