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Embroidered Antique Sets > Cloth of Gold - Spanish Embroidery
Cloth of Gold - Spanish Embroidery

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Orig. Price: $2,450.00
Sale Price: $1,995.00
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Prod. Code: ANTIQUE7

Take a good look the extensive, stunning and ornate hand embroidery on this wonderful Cloth of Gold vestment! How many hours did it take to meticulously hand embroidery this magnificent chasuble? Multiply that by a fair and just labor charge per hour, and instantly, your intelligence, will and reason will see the delightful value for money in this item.

The Chasuble is 44" long x 25.5" wide at back.

Lining is in good condition. Some minor repair work has been carried out on the lining by previous owners.

Embroidery of this standard is almost irreplaceable!

Set contains chasuble, matching cloth of gold Stole, Maniple and matching burse. Chalice Veil would need to be specially made.