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Junior Vestments > Benediction Set with Spanish Cope and matching Humeral Veil
Benediction Set with Spanish Cope and matching Humeral Veil

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Price: $590.00

Benediction Cope with matching Humeral Veil.


Made from attractive white/white jacquard, the set comprises an ornate spanish Cope (full semi-circular style).  Every effort is made to create an authentic look.  Fabric may vary slightly, according to availability.

The Cope 'hood' is embroidered with a bullion thread "IHS' emblem, and trimmed in metalic trimming to create a 'Hagia Sophia' ambiance.

The set is lined in pure 100% Marian blue shade silk.

Morse closure on the front of the cope, and small Cope clasp on the Humeral Veil.

NOTE:  The cope also has trimming applied to the hemline (not shown in photos).


The humeral veil is adorned with a bullion embroidered IHS emblem also.

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